An independent CRP commissioned evaluation of A4NH was completed in September 2015. The evaluation was one of the five CRP commissioned evaluations requested by the CGIAR Fund Council, to assist and inform he planning and approval process for Phase II of the CRPs.  To assist CRPs in this effort, IEA is providing quality assurance advice and support, as well as quality validation and review of processes and outputs.  More information can be found here: https://cas.cgiar.org/evaluation/publications/crp-commissioned-reviews-and-evaluations-iea-quality-assurance-support

The A4NH evaluation assessed the design and implementation of the CRP and made recommendations to enhance the contribution that A4NH is likely to make towards achieving the CGIAR’s ‘System Level Outcomes’ (SLOs) and in particular the SLO on improving nutrition and health.

The evaluation answered four main evaluation questions:

  1. Is A4NH on course to achieve its outputs, outcomes and impacts? Why or why not?
  2. Within the CGIAR, has A4NH added value in comparison to pre-reform ways of doing business?  Any disadvantages?
  3. Does A4NH have the right resources, systems and approaches to partnerships?
  4. Is the scope and focus of A4NH relevant and appropriate?