In early 2020, ISDC embarked on developing reflections and recommendations that used commissioned foresight reviews, a trade-off analysis report, and ISDC consensus building. The goal of the project was to provide ISDC members with an evidence base that would allow them to build advice and identify key challenges to consider in developing the CGIAR 2030 Research Strategy.

As a first step, ISDC commissioned two expert reviews that synthesized a broad sample of existing foresight literature on the five One CGIAR impact areas of 1) nutrition and food security, 2) poverty reduction, livelihoods, and jobs, 3) gender equality, youth, and social inclusion, 4) climate adaptation and greenhouse gas reduction, and 5) environmental health and biodiversity. The foresight reviews were the initial phase in a stepwise approach to providing a grounding for ISDC consensus building, followed by a trade-off analysis report. This work concluded in June 2020 and was presented to CGIAR leadership.

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Learn about the project through our publications including what are foresight agrifood research gaps, relevant trade-off cases studies, current trade-off data and modeling tools from farm to global scales, drivers of future agrifood systems, future technology, and most relevant, the ISDC reflections and recommendations stemming from this work.

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