CRP Commissioned Reviews and Evaluations with IEA Quality Assurance Support

Five selected CRPs are expected to conduct, and self-fund, a CRP review or evaluation.  IEA provides Quality Assurance support and advice to the CRPs in conducting this exercise, and will also set up an independent panel to review and validate the quality of the final report, processes and outputs.

The five CRP Commissioned Evaluaitons are:

  1. CRP on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) finalized Oct 2015
  2. CRP on Dryland Systems finalized Nov 2015 
  3. CRP on Grain Legumes  finalized January 2016 
  4. CRP on Humidtropics  finalized in February 2016
  5. CRP on Dryland Cereals finalized January 2016