The CGIAR Advisory Services (CAS) comprise the Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC), the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA), and an independent evaluation function implemented at the request of CGIAR System Council. Together CAS provides external, impartial, and expert advice related to strategy and positioning, program evaluation, and impact assessment.

The CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat (CAS Secretariat) facilitates and supports these independent advisory services. The CAS Secretariat delivers operational support to ISDC and SPIA and executes the System’s multi-year evaluation workplan. 

In accordance with operational principles developed by the System Council, the CAS Secretariat focuses on assuring the independence of advice offered to the System while implementing continuous improvement measures towards increased cost-effectiveness. A strong concentration of our effort is expanding the communication channels among the independent advisory services and enhancing the channels between the advisory services and System stakeholders. Across the board, the independent advisory services embrace an operational principle that our work will build up the systematic linkages between science and development through innovation and effective partnership.

The composition and structure of the CAS Secretariat is streamlined yet geared to provide well-informed and professional support that ensures that the ISDC, SPIA and the Evaluation Workstream mandates are fulfilled. CAS Secretariat is based in Rome, Italy, hosted at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT.

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