The One CGIAR research strategy for 2030* covers a lot of ground and clearly is a challenging and ambitious undertaking. Within SPIAs responsibility for providing rigorous, evidence-based and independent strategic advice to the CGIAR System, SPIA appreciates the focus of managing research for impact.

Given SPIAs mandate to provide advice on (i) efficient and effective impact assessment methods and practices, and (ii) on innovative ways to improve knowledge and capacity on how research contributes to development outcomes, this note shares SPIAs comments and suggestions that specifically focus on part 3 of the research strategy on managing research for impact. We purposely aimed at keeping the set of comments relatively short to convey the main points. We hence refrain from providing sentence-by-sentence comments, but instead propose to directly engage in the next steps of the process to help flesh out the more specific implications for the plans and modalities to implement the research strategy.

*SPIA notes that at the time of making this feedback publicly available that the One CGIAR Draft Research Strategy has not yet been published and is an iterative process. More details can be found on the One CGIAR website.