Following the inception workshop for epIAs of widely-adopted CGIAR innovations in July 2015 at IFPRI, this workshop brings the seven study teams together to present their work over 2015-2016, results achieved to date, and discuss lessons learned and challenged encountered. For more information on the seven funded studies, please see the relevant impact studies page.

Workshop Agenda and List of Participants (PDF)

Blog on workshop proceedings (link)


  • Session 1 – Study on “Adoption and Diffusion of C88 Potato Variety in China: Spatial Variability of Productivity Gains and Cost Savings and Value Chain Development” [Guy Hareau and Jeff Alwang]
  • Session 2 – Study on “Assessing the impacts of improved cassava varieties on food security and poverty reduction in Nigeria” [Tahirou Abdoulaye and Tesfamicheal Assfaw]
  • Session 3 – Study on “Adoption of improved lentil varieties in Bangladesh: comparison between expert estimates, nationally representative farm household survey and DNA fingerprinting” [Aden Aw-Hassan]
  • Session 4 - Study on “A Systematic and Global Assessment of the impact of CG technologies on Poverty” [Simla Tokgoz]
  • Session 5 – Study on “Using Global Agricultural, Health and Demographic Datasets to Identify the Impacts of CGIAR’s Modern Seed Varieties Since 1960s” [Gordon McCord and Ram Fishman]
  • Session 6 – Study on “Adoption of Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (GIFT) twenty years after release to industry: A GIFT that keeps on giving?” [John Benzie]
  • Session 7 – Study on “Measuring the impact of IFPRI’s research on Strengthening Food Policy through Intra-Household Analysis on the behavior of international NGOs (INGOs)” [Barbara Huddleston]