For agenda and papers presented at a joint research workshop organized by Ferdi, Cerdi and SPIA of the CGIAR, please see the FERDI website (link). It was meant to brainstorm with 19 experts to explore research avenues and innovative design for the learning and adoption of new technologies by farmers.

For studies assessing the nutrition impacts of CGIAR research, and experimental evaluations of CGIAR research a joint mid-term workshop was held at FERDI in Clermond Ferrand, France at the beginning of June 2016. At this workshop, research teams presented on progress, challenges encountered (and for which input is sought), and possible lessons from the studies (a) on the effect of adoption of CGIAR technology studied on productivity and measures related to household welfare; (b) conditions under which adoption of technology leads to welfare impacts; and, (c) link between agricultural productivity and rural poverty. The group also reflected on way forward for SPIA and SIAC based on the Phase-I experience. A summary from the workshop will be posted as soon as complete. Presentations from the workshop below.