18 September 2017

Draft Agenda

09:00 Item 1. Opening of the ISPC Meeting  
  Welcome and Opening by ISPC Chair Maggie Gill
  Welcome by ICARDA Director General Aly Abousabaa
09:15 Item 2. Updates System Entities  
  ISPC Developments and Follow Up Since ISPC 15 Meeting Maggie Gill, ISPC
  IEA Update Rachel Bedouin, IEA
  SMO Update Peter Gardiner, SMO
10:15 Coffee Break  
10:45 Item 3. Presentation: Research in the Dry Areas ICARDA and partners
  Overview of ICARDA's Decentralization and its New Strategy, 2017-2026 Aly Abousabaa, ICARDA
  ICARDA's Research Platform in Morocco: Cereal Based Intensification and Diversification Michael Baum, ICARDA
  ICARDA's Gene Bank: The Genetic Resource Activities Ahmed Amri, ICARDA
  Tour of Laboratories and Facilities: 4 Stops  
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Item 4. Implementing the QoR4D Frame of Reference  
  Presentation: Results of System Consultation on Implementation of QoR4D Preet Lidder, ISPC Secretariat
  Presentation: Implementation of QoR4D Frame of Reference Oscar Ortiz, CIP
  Discussant: Holger Meinke, ISPC
14:15 Item 5. Strategic Foresight  
  Presentation: Major Findings/Results from Workshop on Global Trends and Drivers of Food Systems Prabhu Pingali, ISPC
  Presentation: Global trends - A Synthesis Based on Recent Key Foresight Exercises Fabiana Scapolo & Tine Van Crienkinge, EU Commission (via webex) -
Albino Maggio, University of Naples
  Presentation: Quantitative Foresight Modeling to Inform the CGIAR Research Portfolio Keith Weibe,
IFPRI Global Future 
  Discussant: Philip Thornton,
  Open Discussion  
15:45 Coffee Break  
16:15 Item 6. Priorization  
  Presentation: How Does Agricultural Transformation Affect CGIAR Comparative Advantage? Achim Dobermann,
Rothamsted Research
  Presentation: Global Public Goods Provision from Agricultural R&D Spending in the Private, Public and Philanthropic Domain: What Does It Mean for CGIAR Comparative Advantage? C. Leigh Anderson,
Evans School of Public Policy & Governance,
University of Washington 

Patrick Webb, ISPC - 
Ren Wang, FAO

  Voting (perhaps based on a short presentation of various options for defining, measuring and using comparative advantage in prioritization).  

19 September 2017

09:00 Item 7. Innovation and Partnership  
  Presentation: What Have we Learned from Recent Innovation Workshops that Is Useful for Guiding the Development of CGIAR Innovation/Partnership Strategies? Nighisty Ghezae,
ISPC - Jeroen Dijkman,
ISPC Secretariat

John Mc Dermott, A4NH -
Roberto Aparicio Martin, EU Commission-
Vern Long,

10:15 Coffee Break  
10:45 Item 8. SPIA: Discussion on the Outcomes of the SPIA/PIM Conference Held in Nairobi from 6-8 July 2017  
  Presentation: Outcomes from the Conference Doug Gollin,
ISPC - Karen Macours,
Paris School of Economics
  Interventions from Conference Participants Maggie Gill,
ISPC - Tom Tomich,
Leslie Lipper,
ISPC Secretariat,
Karen Brooks, PIM
  Discussant: Rodomiro Ortiz, ISPC
12:30 Closing  

20 September 2017

Field Tour (Optional)