Director General at Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Ethiopia

Mandefro Nigussie is currently leading the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and he used to work for the Ministry of Agriculture (leading a World Bank Project), Oxfam America, Digital Green Foundation, United Nations Department of Economy and Social Affairs at various levels.

Mandefro has managed projects in various areas (policy, relief, development, cross-cutting issues and other areas like climate change, agricultural budgeting, agricultural extension performance management systems, baselines, mid-term and end-line evaluations of projects and programs).

He has developed agricultural policies and strategies for various departments, offices and institutions. He also published various articles that include 55 papers in books, journals, proceedings and research reports in the area of crop sciences, marketing and entrepreneurship, and biotechnology & bio-safety.

Mandefro has taught and supervised postgraduate students (PhD and MSc) in different universities. He also advised ten PhD students and 34 MSc Students and examined 47 MSc and seven PhD students as external examiner. Mandefro is teaching advanced statistics/biometry, quantitative genetics, experimental design, biometrical genetics, heterosis breeding and leadership in six universities.


Mandefro is also a member of the Ethiopian Academy of Science and he has served as Board chair, Genet Foundation, from 2015-present; Board Vice Cahir, Climate Change Forum Ethiopia, from 2012-2016, Board Member for Bahirdar University, Jimma University since last year and Board member for Oxfam America, Boston, USA, from 2013-2016. He is also a member of the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Council, Biotechnology Research and Development Council of Ethiopia and currently leading the Crop Sector Think Tank Group of Ethiopia.