The Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC) commends TAG 2 on drafting a Research Strategy* during a time of a major organizational reform and a global pandemic, particularly given the very diverse stakeholder groups and some of their strongly held views. This is an extremely important task undertaken under difficult conditions. We sincerely appreciate the creativity, energy, and consultative efforts involved in crafting this draft.

In the interests of constructive criticism of such an important document, ISDC offers the following consensus, based on our individual reading and comments and dialogue among the full Council. Our feedback is organized into two sections. The first section provides general and strategic direction comments. The second section provides specific feedback with coordinating page numbers.

*ISDC notes that at the time of making this feedback publicly available that the One CGIAR Draft Research Strategy has not yet been published and is an iterative process. More details can be found on the One CGIAR website.